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San Franscisco Bay Coffee, Fog Chaser- Whole Bean, 2-Pound (32 oz.)

Save 20
$ 22.19
$ 17.79

  • A blend of our favorite coffees to chase away the morning fog
  • Unique custom blend, exotic regional coffee, and single estate coffee
  • Inspected repeatedly before, during and after roasting to make sure all is right every step of the way
  • Environmentally and socially responsible gourmet coffee
  • Grown responsibly and Fairly Traded coffee

For over 34 years we've perfected the art of growing and roasting coffee. We are proud to own and operate Coffee Farms in Mexico, Panama and Rwanda. Our shade grown and organic coffee beans ensure that our coffee is the best tasting product we have found. Once we get the beans, we roast our coffee slowly and carefully using our exclusive varying temperature/airflow process - a mix of artisan roasting and scientific excellence. Finally, we lock the coffees' freshness right away as we seal the roasted coffee away from the harmful effects of the air within minutes of roasting. We decided the best corporate brand name for our company was simply, Rogers Family Company. We feel the word “Family” extends to the farmers around the world that supply our coffee and tea, to our employees and our valued customers. We're dedicated to offering the best product possible at the best value. We have a "no compromise" philosophy and a guarantee that you'll love our products or your money back. We are also dedicated to improve the quality of life and environment of our employees, farmers, customers or wherever we do business.

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