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Premium Pour Over Coffee Filter 3-4 cup – Stainless Steel with Ultra Fine Weave, Reusable Eco-Friendly Dripper and Quality Scoop with Bag Clip by Bean Gear

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$ 27.97
$ 17.97

  • PURE ROBUST COFFEE FLAVOR is within reach each time you use this quality filter; the natural oils are not absorbed by a paper filter, so they pass through the stainless steel filter into your cup
  • GO GREEN AND DO YOUR PART FOR THE PLANET; this reusable, eco-friendly filter means less paper waste; and cleanup is a breeze with a small amount of dish soap and hot water
  • PORTABLE AND EASY TO USE on vacation, camping, and traveling; simply add boiling water and ground coffee; fits on most mugs and glasses; can make up to 4 servings
  • OUR PREMIUM SCOOP ENSURES you measure out the same amount of grounds each time and the sturdy clip keeps your coffee sealed tight and fresh
  • CHANGING THE WORLD ONE FILTER AT A TIME; we have partnered with an orphan care ministry called Love Made Visible; one dollar of every purchase goes to supporting a child in need

Looking For A More Flavorful Cup Of Coffee?

This laser cut, fine mesh, stainless steel filter will allow you to achieve this time and time again. You do not have to be a coffee barista to make a rich smooth cup of coffee. Follow our simple instructions (included with your filter) and have the very best tasting coffee in minutes.

Tired Of Buying Paper Filters?

Not only does our stainless steel filter allow you to be more eco-friendly, but also the essential oils and nutrients from the coffee beans will end up in your coffee and not absorbed by a paper filter.

Ever Missed Your Favorite Cup Of Coffee While Traveling Or Out Camping?

Miss it no more! Our filter is portable and easy to use anywhere. Just add hot water to your ground coffee and enjoy!

Looking For The Perfect Gift To Give The Coffee Lover In Your Life?

Look no further because our Bean Gear fine mesh filter is guaranteed to satisfy! We are also including the perfect coffee scoop so that your coffee is consistently the way you want it and the clever clip at the end of the scoop will keep those coffee beans sealed and fresh. All of this comes in one box with the instructions on making that perfect cup of coffee.

Want To Help Change The World One Purchase At A Time?

Bean Gear has partnered with "Love Made Visible", a life changing orphan care ministry. Check out their website to see how your purchase affects change for orphans all around the world. Let's make lasting change!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee! If you have any issues please send an email to the address that came with your filter for a replacement or refund. Click "Add to Cart" and buy now!

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