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Jay Street Coffee, Coffee Shot, Unsweetened Black, 6.4 Ounce (Pack of 20)

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$ 43.61
$ 27.99

  • Unsweetened coffee shot made from premium arabica beans
  • Just two simple ingredients, water and coffee
  • 150mg of caffeine per serving for a nice pick-me-up
  • Great anytime you need a natural energy boost
  • Product of Japan

When we set out to walk the cobblestone streets around our office in Brooklyn, we never knew it would lead to a better, iced coffee. Before we had even rounded the block, inspiration struck. As we remember it, Edison bulbs lit up over our heads, eagles played fanfare on kazoos and the idea of Jay Street Coffee was born. That experience fresh in our minds, we set out to make coffee that isn’t too sweet, but like the borough itself, full of flavor. A drink as comfortable on a Brownstone stoop as it is walking to a sold out show. To make our bottled coffees worthy of their namesake, we start off with flavor packed, 100% Arabica beans. Next, we medium roast them to create coffee that’s smooth, balanced and perfectly delicious. Once it’s in a bottle, Jay Street Coffee is ready to be enjoyed wherever inspiration finds you.

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