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Cold Brew Coffee Packs – EASY at Home Brewing – Makes 100 oz of STRONG Cold Brew – 66% Less Acidic – Cold Grinds French (Dark Roast)

USD 17.75

  • WARNING - our cold brew contains more caffeine per serving than standard coffee. It's also about 66% less acidic, meaning smooth coffee with no bite that is easy on the tummy
  • EASY TO MAKE 1) Grab a jar, add filter bags, add water 2) Brew for 24 hours 3) Remove filter bags and Enjoy
  • Check out our new BIG Bags - larger size, even better value
  • NO CLUTTER, NO MESS. No more coffee grinds everywhere or bulky machines taking up counter top space
  • GO GREEN! K-Cups create a LOT of waste. Cold Grinds filter packs are biodegradable #KillTheCup

  • Our French Roast is a dark blend with a BOLD flavor and smooth finish. This one is for the people who enjoy their coffee strong
  • One package contains 8 filter bags and will brew about 100 ounces of strong cold brew coffee. Make a big batch and it’ll stay fresh for TEN days in your fridge
  • Like your coffee HOT? Heat your Cold Grinds in the microwave for the best tasting hot coffee you've ever made. Cold Brewed Coffee is NOT always served cold!
  • No Clutter, No Mess. Cold Grinds filter bags keep our coffee grinds inside the filter bag where they belong (also perfect for brewing while camping, traveling, fishing, hunting, outdoors). No more coffee grinds everywhere or bulky machines taking up counter top space in your kitchen
  • Happy customers are the only thing more important to us than crafting the perfect cold brew coffee. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, no questions asked
  • We love talking about cold brew and hearing from our fellow coffee lovers. Contact us with any questions you might have. We're always here to help

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